What the F**K!

Last night I went to a baseball game and the only thing I could eat at the ball part were peanuts. “America’s #1 In-Shell Peanut” to be exact. I washed them down with a naturally gluten free hard cider.


For dinner, I had a gluten-free garden burger on gluten free bread topped with a bunch of stuff I have eaten many times before. And my friend purchased me a gluten free shrimp salad-roll from a restaurant which I dipped in red chili sauce.

Then, I’m just sitting there minding my own business, doing my micro-current stuff, when my legs start itching. I’m thinking I got bitten at the ball game. Although I had been wearing jeans…..so maybe not.

To my utter horror, I discover upon entering into my PJ’s, that I have broken out into hives all up and down my legs.


The next day (today), my legs get a little better but I break out on my wrist and upper, inner, arms.

Would it be hilarious that I might be allergic to peanuts or shellfish instead? I’m not sure what it would be.

I didn’t change laundry detergents and I double checked with the restaurant to see if the roll had any dairy….nope.

Any ideas?

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It works! I complained to my doctor that all my pain was getting worse! She said the pain in my shoulder blade could be coming from my neck and that I might have a micro-tear in the discs. Her test for this condition was positive so she sent me home with a micro-current machine. Basically, my neck acts to complete a circuit and a pre-programmed machine sends a current at different frequencies through my neck. I place one probe behind my neck and the other in front and just lay there for about 30-40 minutes, and that’s it!

After the first home treatment the pain in my neck was virtually gone. I found that I could turn my neck so that my chin went all the way to my shoulder, which I haven’t been able to do in a long while due to pain. I think I didn’t notice the pain in my neck as much before because my other pains were so much worse. I am so happy I found this solution!

I completed the micro-current therapy a total of 6 times over 5 days. There is still a tiny bit of numbness in my shoulder blade and my neck makes squishy sounds when I turn it, so I’m not all the way there yet. We will see what the next steps will be.

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This is Important!

The last time I went to see my doctor I told her that things had really been improving for me on my gluten, dairy and corn free diet. I was feeling less head fog, less congestion and less itchiness in my eyes. My skin rash had cleared and I felt more energetic. But, I said, the thing I originally came in for, pain in my shoulder blade and hips, had increased!

Her explanation? My left hip flexor had started working again just through my elimination diet. But my right one is still inactive. Since one side is now working harder than the other my body has twisted up even more.

I think it’s also because I am feeling more energized and have been increasingly more active. Although my martial arts experience is in Karate, I have recently been training in Jiu-Jitzu and Aikido. These arts are exacerbating my pain. But I NEED to do them! (You fellow martial artists understand.)

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. My doctor said that the main cause of my right hip flexor being inactive is my gall bladder! She asked me if I still had mine and said a lot of people have had to have it removed because of a poor diet, or because of eating something for years they are intolerant or allergic to without knowing it. She says mine is not functioning correctly and that by addressing these issues now we are likely saving my gall bladder!

New supplement: gall bladder support, also a glass of water with a half a lemon squeezed into it in the mornings immediately upon waking – before breakfast. She also said that raw beats are great for gall bladder function.

Beet Salad Recipe:

1/2 medium beet (raw and grated)

1/2 medium carrot (raw and grated)

Olive oil

chopped garlic (marinated in olive oil)

Fresh lemon (squeezed into salad)

Sea salt (or “real salt”)

mixed greens


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The Outback Steakhouse

We stopped to eat at the Outback Steakhouse yesterday. I ordered grilled shrimp and steamed broccoli. I said I did not want the bread nor the butter than came with the shrimp when I ordered because of a new diet I was on, but the waiter didn’t seem too bothered, I wish he had been paying attention.

The disappointing thing is that the shrimp and the broccoli came both smothered in butter. I knew this after I tasted the broccoli, and I had already eaten a shrimp before the waitress told me it was also cooked in butter.

This depressed me.

The waitress said the broccoli was cooked in butter and with spices. But when they brought me a new broccoli it was very plain. What happened to the spices I wonder? More depressing.

I wish I had taken a photo of the sorry looking shrimp they sent me. It was dried out and the spices had been tossed on top (at least I got some). But it was like the cook only knew one way to cook it and couldn’t adjust. I know its possible to cook delicious shrimp in oil.

Then, about 5 minutes after eating the butter infected food I felt my sinuses start to swell up. Later that evening my eyes became itchy and goobery. I feel better this morning, the day after this incident. It is beginning to look like butter is one of the foods that will be on my permanent list.

The question now is, what exactly am I allergic/intolerant to. Once I figure it out, I’ll deal.

I would love to hear from others if they have a butter related allergy or intolerance! Since I’m new to this, feel free to share your experiences! Thanks!

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The Elimination Diet

It sucks!

Surprising Foods I can no longer have because they have corn, dairy or gluten: peach salsa, garden burgers, some italian salad dressings, BBQ sauce, flavored drinks (high fructose corn syrup), some pickles (malt vinegar), soy sauce, some chocolates, imitation crab meat, some rotisserie chickens, some curry powers, licorice, some french fries, baked beans. It’s just everywhere! This is why I was overwhelmed. Who can keep up with all this???

So I’ve been doing the best that I can. I check all the ingredients on foods I purchase at the grocery store, but it is nearly impossible to avoid foods when I am eating out.  In spite of the difficulties, I have been doing okay!

After a couple of weeks, I am finding that I feel a lot better. The rash I had on my face has cleared up. My sinuses are the clearest they have ever been that I can remember, and when I take a deep breath, I find that my lungs expand more than they have in decades. My brain fog is beginning to clear and my eyes do not bother me anymore at all!

Something is definitely going on!

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“Avoiding” Gluten

My first week avoiding corn, dairy and gluten was May 14th – 21st, 2015.

I failed miserably.

I cut out regular bread and purchased some gluten free bread and I stopped eating pasta. But I failed to look closely at the ingredients on my garden burger and in see what’s in the York Peppermint patties I started eating in lieu of my nightly glass of wine.

I did start having breakfast in the morning and drinking my coffee with my breakfast instead of before and started trying to have well balanced meals. I was AMAZED at the effects this had on my life. The quality of my sleep improved immensley. So much so, that after 3 days I switched from coffee to tea, because I just found I didn’t feel like coffee anymore. I actually felt kind of awake in the morning for the first time in……EVER!

The results of my blood tests were kind of scary. My new doctor viewed the results slightly different than my regular doctor had in the past. (I had sent her my blood tests that were done a year ago.) She said my blood sugar results, while in the normal range, were slightly higher than she would like, but that it was not diabetes, so I shouldn’t worry. Phew.  I was extremely low on Vitamin D – scarily low. And the level of inflammation in my body was enough so that she was worried about me.

THIS IS THE REALLY SCARY PART TO ME….  after the level of inflammation, there is a sentence that reads, “risk of MI is HIGH” This means that my risk of heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) is very high! My original blood tests had shown an even higher level of inflammation than this one did, and my regular doctor has basically told me not to worry about it. JIMINY!! Now my new doctor told me that she isn’t as worried about a heart attack for someone my age, but that we have to get the inflammation under control. This lessened my worries only slightly.

New supplements: vitamin D.

Now I am determined to eliminate corn, gluten and dairy and figure out what is wrong. They put me on the elimination diet…but I am lucky to only have to worry about three foods. This means I can still have wine. :-)

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My Reaction

My initial reaction was complete terror. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of eliminating corn, dairy and gluten from my diet that I started crying, right there and then. My favorite foods flashed before my eyes: cheese, tortillas, bread, beer, pasta. It would mean a drastic change to my current lifestyle.

I have been nothing but annoyed by the new gluten free fad and did not see myself as one of those pretentious people who had to seek out special menus and ask what is in everything when I went out to eat (which is often).

They tried to be kind to me and tell me to just do the best I can, or maybe find a supplement that breaks up those substances for me when I eat them. They said everything they say is just a suggestion, and it’s up to me to implement changes. They prescribed Glycogenics and probiotics and told me if to eat a well balanced breakfast and not to eat sugar or have coffee on an empty stomach.

I asked all kinds of questions. My main one being “why me?” Why do I have to watch what I eat so carefully when the rest of the USA seems to be able to survive and be happy on the current crap that is prominently served in popular restaurants? The answer they told me was “genetics.” F**k! NOT FAIR!

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