Why do women lose interest after sex?

I met Sam on a Friday night and we had an immediate connection. Our first date lasted 8 hours and was all talking with just a little bit of kissing. He immediately left on a business trip but we talked about every other day or so, conversations lasting 2 hours each. I was definitely smitten. Sex, of course, happened when I saw him again 2 weeks later. It happened once on Friday and three times on our third date on a Sunday. The strong connection between us made it amazing!

But suddenly, the connection seemed to dissipate. After careful thought, I have come up with a reason.

It seems that before sex, Sam was just talking and getting to know me. But after sex, all he could think about was sex. He wanted more sex. Sam thinking about and talking about sex is not what first attracted me to him and I don’t know enough about him yet to maintain my previously strong desire.

I know some people will think that I should have held out on the sex ….but you see I’m in my late 30’s and there’s this sexual peak thing happening that really can’t be ignored.

So men….if you want to keep a girl interested after sex, try…really hard….to think about and talk about something besides how great the sex was last night. I already know that…I was there.

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